Sunday, March 6, 2011

Enterprise Has Seen Some Better Days [Pics]

I'm sure many people know that there was a model of the Enterprise-A (which was seen in Star Trek IV-VI) made in Alpha. This is different from the Enterprise-D which was made in Classic. Although definitely not a real-size replica, it still stands at some 70 meters tall by 100 meters long and 40 meters wide at the saucer. It has nine decks, and it takes some experience to get used to understand the layout. Well I'm sure it took a long time to build and was quite fun to complete. You know what else was quite fun, and much quicker?

Destroying it.

Using SSP commands and copious amounts of TNT I set out to destroy the ship to my heart's delight. Ironically, the warp core (according to the movies) should have been the most explosive part. But because the Minecraft model uses lava and obsidian for it, that's the most durable component. Let's view some pics, starting from the back of the ship. I took several images that seemed to be the most interesting and destructive.

This is the port warp nacelle, blown to shards:

The outside of the rear half of the Enterprise, not looking too good.

Formerly the warp core, now a lavafall:

These were the impulse engines...

The saucer section as viewed from above:

Another shot of the saucer. This view is directly below it and meant to reveal more detail of the damage:

As the title implies, the Enterprise has certainly seen better days. Even a couple Klingon birds of prey didn't do as much damage as a bored nerd with a lot of TNT:

I'd like to give shout outs to Mozzie who brought the Enterprise into Minecraft. You can see Mozzie's thread here: Thanks for letting me play on (and destroy) your ship!