Saturday, March 12, 2011

Of Servers and Starships

When I last mentioned the Elohim, I believe I was discussing making the model for the third deck of the ship. Originally it was going to be a wide deck:

But I discovered that the top two decks would not fit on it. In addition I had no room laid out for the computer core. So my solution was to rotate the officers' quarters so that the deck would be much longer than wider:

That looked much better. I added the officers' lounge at the rear after I took this picture. Then I began calculating where to put decks 1-2. Originally I wanted to have them centered on top of the deck but due to turbolift shaft placement, I had to offset it by a few blocks so that it would go into the hallway and not an officer's bedroom. I added some roofing for deck 3 and made a rough outline of deck 2 on top of the model. I made an error and miscalculated the size of deck 2 when checking to see if it'll all fit but it's minor enough that I can correct it and not have it hanging off the side:

Observe how the ship now has a sort of nose at the front. I wanted to add the ship's name in all capitals using 5x3 size characters but the total amount of space needed for the name was more than the nose's width so now it's there, just behind the nose. In the next post hopefully I'll have that in a screenshot. I also want to make a post about this project on the Minecraft forum since it's clear I have some level of dedication to this going on.

 In non-Classic news, I have found a SMP server which I can call my home away from home in Minecraft. It's an RPG server and my role there is theologian/astronomer (which basically sounds like an astrologer but there's a big difference). I currently live in a little hole in the side of a mountain. Iron is proving itself to be quite difficult to procure. It has room for 10 people and has about 15 regulars from what I count.