Sunday, March 27, 2011

Slower Pace

The outline of deck 4 has continued to develop. I've plotted out the shapes of the crew quarters, library, grasers and Bussard ramscoop from deck 3, and the computer core. What I have left are: fusion reactors/impulse engines, matter/antimatter reaction missile (M/ARM) launchers, and the warp coils. This deck is definitely going to be big enough to fit deck 3.

As for the Minecraft World, not too much has been done. I placed torches strategically on Nippon so that aggressive mobs wouldn't spawn on it at night and I've got it almost perfect. Using a fly command I hovered over it to watch and saw a nice pattern of blocks growing dimmer then becoming brighter and repeating. I have torches placed roughly every 12 blocks, trying not to let any block be at or below light level 7. I cleared out some trees at the site that will eventually become Yusaria City.

In a desire to stop wasting time making unnecessary travel, I've used one of the more convenient commands in the SSP commands mod where I can set a point and then use /goto such that I'm teleported to the location. I have around six designated points now. Some may say it's sort of cheating, but I would beg to differ on two points: 1) This is my copy of Minecraft, and as such I feel I can do whatever I wish with it, be it play completely legit or hack to my heart's desire. If it were to hurt anyone, it would be myself. 2) There are rules I'm holding myself to, namely that I won't spawn blocks. How fast I get from place to place won't really affect how I construct things, so this rule is preserved.

In other news, I "met" Notch on a Classic server last night. Supposedly Notch himself entered and proceeded to chat with us. Indeed this person did have some powers that the typical person doesn't generally display, however I made a deal with this person. I would tweet him about this appearance and if it were really him, he would reply to the tweet confirming the visit. It's been 21 hours and no reply... was it a fake?