Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Earth Map. Home Base.

I have been spending some time on the Earth map. Remember how a long time ago, on my first main save, I wanted to make a new home base? Well now I'm doing that. I am using smoothstone, stone slabs, and wool as the main construction materials. Here are some pictures, using an older version of Chant778's FutureCraft pack.

The front:

Left side:

Back side:

Entrance. There is that ceiling in order to detect possible spiders overhead in case I switch off of Peaceful:

Main room, facing inward:

Main room, facing the front:

That iron door in the main room leads to the Miscellaneous Items room where all the otherwise uncategorized stuff will go:

Down those ladders to the incomplete underground area:

The tree farm:

Those ladders in the main room? They go to three rooms upstairs. Here is the hallway:

To my right in this hallway is yet another room, which is sunk down 2 blocks because it rests upon the Miscellaneous Items room and I didn't think of perhaps making it float.

This map is being treated differently than how I've normally played. I'm not doing it in the legit fashion, but rather using single player commands to give me what I need. That's primarily because ores are randomly scattered instead of being layered. I don't want to dig up too much of the Earth trying to find these things. I would rather just build. I'm also utilizing the /instantmine command so I can destroy even the strongest blocks with just one hit of my hand, sort of like how Classic works.

Also, while I normally enjoy planning things in advance for this world I am totally ad-libbing it. I don't want my house to be any more symmetrical than it already is - that looks so boring on a world map. Upon looking at the wool pattern in the walls of the underground chamber, I'm now thinking I may want to add that to most or all of the walls in my base. I don't want to stick to simply blue and white, though; rather I hope to make it so the colors transition as one goes along the waves.

You may notice random signs with torches in front of them. This map is a to-scale one so I can easily find the equivalent locations of my own city as well as nearby ones. That's what I've been doing: finding where they are and placing the sign at their location. I have six nearby cities and towns marked off, as well as another 5 or so which are outside the immediate rendering range. Then there are a couple ways off, such as my city of birth (which is roughly a kilometer away from my home base, or a thousand miles away in real life).

I have lots of plans for the Earth map. Whether or not I do them totally depends on free time and ambition. Some things I am doing/want to do:
  • Complete my home base. There are all sorts of farms and rooms I still need to complete, as well as a cobble generator which doubles as an anti-fire system.
  • Mark off the extent of the Roman Empire and maybe rebuild it, and then expand it to how it may seem today.
  • Rebuild Hadrian's Wall (idea borrowed from someone else).
  • Build a railroad spanning continental US.
  • Perhaps colonize Antarctica (also borrowed).
  • Create several self-sufficient cities around the world demonstrating signs of technological advancement. They sport huge walls which use lava and water to automatically reconstruct themselves. Could be combined via underground railroad tracks.
  • Build Atlantis.
  •  I invented a nation, several years ago, called Buenia. It's an island nation made of an artificial island in the vicinity of England, Ireland, and Iceland.
  • Create an underwater city that uses glass as a ceiling and is self-sufficient.
  • Create an underground city.
  • Make a Nether portal and explore "Hell," perhaps doing things in there as well.
  • Garden of Eden
  • Tower of Babel 
  • Moon or several moons 
  • Several other ideas have entered my head in the past; however, my personal wiki where I store all these ideas is giving me a hard time so I can't list all of them...