Friday, May 20, 2011

Progress Report

It's been ten days since my last post. In that time I haven't done anything exceptionally huge. In-game, anyway.
  • I added a library as a left wing to my base. It has two floors totaling seven rows of books. I used wooden steps as chairs and workbenches as tables. Being the romantic sort I am, I named it after my girlfriend of four months. It also sports three paintings: a Creeper, a pleasant sunset, and a statue of a man surrounded by pixelated fire (called "Bust").
  • The right wing became a dog kennel. There is sufficient space for a whole lot of them. I currently have ten, including four I just now brought up from my dock south of base.
  • In the main room of my base I added a 1-block lava pit surrounded by stone. This was added because the fencing around the lava fountain outside would make items bounce back at me. I hope my doggies are smart enough to stay away from it. They probably aren't.
  • I did more experimenting with making underwater glass bases. There's plenty of potential there.
  • I began a rough outline of the Tower of Babel at the location of Baghdad, Iraq. That's the most likely general area of where it would be. The guide I'm using will only go as far as a diameter of 39 blocks, and despite how I want to design it, that still will not reach the sky! Perhaps if I make the ceilings higher...
Earlier this week, my mom was interested in knowing more about Minecraft, so I gave her a copy. Now she is hooked on it. She added a garage to the base. I found out that my wolves will not respond to her. Currently she is mining nearby, after having dug up the Rocky Mountains a little bit. I keep trying to get her to use the Minecraft Wiki and she's getting more comfortable with it, however she'll ask me for help quite a bit. She is also a lover of Peaceful mode, like me.

The people at Craffy have been working at their site and now have the redesigned site up at I would advise people to join there. However the beta site at is still functional.

Also, they've made the final release of the Earth map! It's been fixed and improved so that the Netherlands aren't submerged. And they've added rivers! I don't think I'll be downloading it, due to limits imposed by my ISP.

I have had a few more ideas of what I want to do with this map. Here are what I can recall:
  • City in the sky!
  • Build a cobblestone castle with its own little town in Ireland. Shoot, conformity isn't always bad. :D
  • I was also going to do a village or town on Cuba, however if I go with the Ireland choice this may be dropped.