Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Decision and Direction

I have concluded that it is unsafe for me to use MineColony and Millenaire in the same save file. Once again I had a world crash on me. After I had established a small MineColony setup I attempted to teleport to my residential Millenaire village and the game did its customary crashing. Clearly MineColony is the culprit. Thus these two mods will no longer be used concurrently in a world.

Right now I have two projects running alongside each other. I am still doing the Earth map although it has not received much attention lately. Because the chunks of that world have all been generated already, there is no chance of Millenaire villages appearing on it. That makes it safe to use and experiment with MineColony on it. I am currently in Cush, where I would like to establish some colonists to perhaps be the Cushites and later on other lands' inhabitants.

The second project is in my main save. I still want to design a complex building, or maybe series of buildings, to become my base of operations in that world and wherever I may go. Someone once mentioned having satellite buildings presumably to stay safe and stocked during adventuring and I will possibly try some of those. Recently I have seen some videos by Etho, and his water system fascinates me. I would like to make an underground water highway of sorts, complete with intersections that let me choose just where I want to go.

Something I will need to do more is to back up my worlds. I have not been doing that, and as result world after wold has been lost recently. Keeping backups and updating them regularly will prove beneficial - especially if, say, on the Earth map I attempt to use MineColony and it crashes the world. Instead of losing all that progress I can just revert to a safer state.

Finally, I downloaded the Moon mod for 1.7.3. I am curious to see how that will work.