Monday, November 7, 2011

Mysterious Trader

I have finally managed to make a stable world using Millenaire in 1.7.3, without using MineColony. One of the things I've been doing to get the village to develop quicker is have the game running while I'm doing other things on the computer, checking periodically to make sure nothing has gone wrong. I have a little hole in the floor of the Maitre de Guilde (Guild Master), who is the leader of the village. So far it's been pretty safe for me, and the village has expanded quite well. It's the first one I've ever been in that didn't come to a screeching halt due to lack of usable land. Here's an aerial view of it:
During my time in the hole I have experimented with freecam. I discovered this neat little trick while experimenting on my non-legit creative world. It detaches the camera from the player's body, allowing me to move around freely while staying safe in my little cubbyhole. I can place and destroy blocks using freecam but I can't interact with entities, meaning no picking up items or battling mobs. It also lets me generate new chunks by flying over them although I want to limit that in order to keep my experience as vanilla as possible.

Picture of me, clad in leather armor. If I wanted to, I could punch myself in the back of the head.
I must come off as very peculiar to the villagers. I one day randomly show up while the village was still under construction and dig a hole into their leader's house, where I proceed to spend most of my time. Somehow I can almost clairvoyantly see things that are going on in and around the village despite being in said hole. However I am also liked because I trade heavily with them, plant saplings in their tree groves when they run out, and also beat down monsters when need be.

But I think I'm ready to move on. With 31 villagers, FPS issues are appearing once more. This time I think I will head west and make a nice little home there. Since I have never extensively traveled to the west in any incarnation of this map, it will be relatively new territory to me. Then, I will possibly try to use Etho's water highway system to connect my base to this village and others.