Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wimpy Wimpy

As I have said before, located underneath my house is a cavern system with at least one dungeon in it, which I reckon is a zombie dungeon. Before I do any other major projects I feel it's appropriate to take down that dungeon first and light up the caves so those noises will cease.

The problem is, I don't care much for exploring monster-ridden caves. I don't react well to the amounts of combat such things bring. I would rather mine around enemies than actually face them. Yet this seems best to do. I do not want to relocate so soon, but in order to get a mining system established I must first deal with these caves and these monsters. So what I am thinking of doing is setting up an outpost at the bottom of the tunnel entrance in the beach. I shall dub it Beachhead Cavern, or Beachhead for short. Beachhead Outpost will have a secure bed, workbench, furnace, and a single chest. It will be composed of cobblestone with many windows to see my enemies. I want to consider also setting up a ladder and tunnel setup which will connect me to my base.

Earlier I went into my basement and cleared out an area to establish a meager underground farm. It will have 20 blocks for farming although this could easily be expanded. In addition to finding coal and iron ore making this, I also discovered Farm Drop, a vertical tunnel similar in design and depth as Beachhead. I have not taken the time to explore it, yet. Maybe I could alternatively establish an outpost in there, since it would connect directly to my house and could be built into the stone wall. The zombies are close, very close. I cannot remember exactly where the dungeon is but if Beachhead and Farm Drop are part of the same system, the dungeon may be easily located.