Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Control Center Ideas [Ultimate City Post 5]

One of my least thought out buildings could in fact be one of the most vital and complex ones: the Control Center. This building has rooms and the wiring to oversee the current status of the entire city and override certain things. I imagine it would have many rooms and have huge amounts of redstone. Some of the functions could include:

  • A room, probably located underground, which can force the harvesting of one or more traps or farms. There will be a switch which will cause all of them to activate if they are manually powered. In addition, there will be a special block, perhaps the circle stone brick, connected to a sticky piston. When I hit this switch, the block moves and instead of flowing to the farm's/trap's respective collection point, the drops will go into an underground water system and flow to the one point in the Control Center. In this way I can collect the contents of all of the city in one place.
  • Manual overrides for the gates. Each face of the city walls will have a highly secured gate. The Control Center's manual overrides would not only force open or close the gates, they would activate pistons that would physically move wires at the gates out of line with the others, effectively breaking the circuits so they can't be operated at the gates.
  • I intend on having a rail cart system in the the city. At each station there will be a detector rail. This will send a signal to a series of torches at the center. Each torch corresponds to one of these stations, and will show where the cart is.
  • The mines will also have the manual override options, since they are perhaps the weakest entry point to the city. If griefers or mobs wanted to get in, those would be probably the best way to attempt entrance.
  • For the real fun, a self-destruct mechanism. Pull this switch or series of switches, and the entire city will explode. If there are technologies, people, or knowledge that you don't want getting into enemy hands, perhaps the best thing to do is simply destroy the entire place. It would have a counter, probably 30 or 60 seconds, after which it would detonate TNT all over the city. The delay allows time to escape the city, but it will be silent and unstoppable. After it counts down to 0, the city will explode from the inside out. The Control Center will go first, then the entire Ultimate City will disappear in an outward motion, the walls being the last to go.
  • A security center with detectors amongst the walls and city. If part of a city is compromised or destroyed, this will be able to alert you. I imagine this could be a circular room. 
Any other good ideas? Suggest me some!

Also, I'm going to add to my list of buildings an Iron Golem farm. Would provide a steady supply of iron ingots.

I'm currently working on the wheat farm. Right now I'm stuck with placing the BUD-switch automatic wheat farm made by Generickb (I probably spelled that wrong). I may just skip that for now.