Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tower Coming Together

I've dropped one of my college classes because it was a huge time sink and I was going to fail. That's sad, but it means more free time. For things like Minecraft! The villager tower is coming together very nicely.

I still have to build the fourth level, and then I will begin working on details and rooms.

I was delighted to find this had spawned in the village:

That Iron Golem is a sign that things are going well. I've yet to see any baby villagers, but all in due time. Poor thing was carrying a rose around, but I don't remember anyone taking it.

Glitchy villager.

Remember that emerald I got for no apparent reason? One of the villagers here was selling melon slices for one emerald. This turned out to be an excellent way of jump starting my melon farming.

I am thinking of starting a pass-it-on map, with a spin: each person who gets the map has it for a week so they can do more and I don't have to spend as much time managing it. There will also be three kingdoms of sorts that the player could choose to build up - a desert kingdom, a plains kingdom, and perhaps a snow biome. Who would be interested?