Sunday, March 3, 2013

Village Project Begun

As promised, I have started work on Polis Youssarianis! I already had an idea for the main building worked out in Creative, now was time to get the actual building created.

A nice shot of the hilly area of the Polis:

Floating torches... there is something glitchy about this village.

Also made my first trade, using wheat harvested from the village itself. I'm not really sure why I did this, except perhaps for posterity's sake.

But this isn't what you wanted to see! We're here for the village project. I give you the 32-block diameter foundation to the central tower, stationed just outside the northeastern part of the polis.

A view of it from the inside, to be shoveled away to a flat interior.

And a half-baked attempt to get the villagers to start breeding. Apparently in 1.4.7 (the version I'm using - I don't bother with snapshots) this would register as valid doors to get the villagers to reproduce.

Sorry, I'm pretty busy lately. This is just about all I've managed so far.