Friday, April 5, 2013


I have never been so hooked on exploring caves and soaking up what resources I find in them. Today I log yet another post on my adventures.

As previously mentioned, this world is rather bad for getting diamonds. Nonetheless, there were a couple patches of them.

After fighting a zombie wearing a chainmail chestplate, I ended up getting it as a drop!

At one spot there was a horde of zombies itching to get at me. A couple Creepers helped whittle away at them until I finally dove in and took out what remained.

Much more also happened while I was in the cave systems. I promise this will be the last time I make a caving post until my resources run low, which I imagine won't be for several weeks or months. I have enough iron to keep myself armed and prepared for a long time. Here's the net collection of this mining trip:

It was nowhere near as much as the last time but it's a very handy addition to my current reserves. I now have a stack of iron blocks - I'm that rich.

After the conclusion of one night, I observed a Creeper stuck in a small hole next to my storage room. I went to kill it, and didn't quite manage to get away in time.

That kind of sucked. I filled it in with gravel to make it secure as I fixed it up, then repaired it and now things are good as new. I also placed a torch where the mobs kept getting stuck, so maybe now the problem won't come up again.

In my next post I should be returning to working on either the village or an XP grinder. Depending on how things go, I may not even need to use the spider dungeon as an XP farm - I could simply configured my mob grinder to let me one-hit-kill mobs. This in combination with my anvil would make it possible for me to get high-level enchants on my iron armor and tools.