Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cows and Enchants

Finding and breeding mobs is one of the more tedious parts of Minecraft, if you ask me. But I needed some cows in order to get enchanted books, so it was time to get breeding.

I knew there were a couple of them near the villager tower. Before setting off for home with them I bred them to get the first baby.

The journey lasted a good few hundred meters. Along the way I picked up another cow, got another baby, and lost a cow as it took a swim into a ravine. I made a pen for them and thus began my herd.

It's not terribly far from my house. Then I figured, why stop with an unprotected pen? Why not build a house? So, using my increasingly developed aesthetic skills, I did just that.

I debated with myself how I wanted the top part of the building to look. Did I want the walls to all be the same color plank? Or should it be something different, for variety? The end result was a line of birch plank at the top. The pattern of the roof is akin to the style used by Mhykol on the Mindcrack server.

Cow Outpost 1 was ready to run.

And my goodness does it work well.

From my first round of harvesting cows (to put it nicely) I got about sixteen books, which I proceeded to enchant. Oh, and I also did some style work on the enchantery.

So much XP!

Some of those books were efficiency and unbreaking enchants, which I applied to my main pickaxe. I ended up repairing all my tools and getting ready to resume work on the village. I want the upper levels to be used by villagers, but I don't think that's going to happen unless I force them up there. I can't find any ways of including stairs. Maybe I'll just build up the population first and use minecarts to get them up there.


  1. i got massive lags in the server your playing on
    cant move nor talk


    1. Weird. I have no idea why it would be doing that.

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