Monday, May 20, 2013


This will be a short post to get you all up to date with what I've done. I haven't written recently, mainly because I haven't done much worth noting. Lately boredom has been setting in, which kills motivation to play. Just about everything I might do in Minecraft has been done a dozen times already by others. So there's not much point in doing it again. A quick summary:

  • Been enchanting like a madman at the zombie grinder. I still need to finish some of the redstone.
  • Spent a couple days on a new server and started a faction. But I don't foresee myself staying there.
  • On my friend's private server I began making a new underground base. This one is going to have a design similar to Etho's single player base and Nebris's base on the Mindcrack server.
  • Started working on a new manually built village in my single player world. It's not particularly interesting as it only has one barely started building in it. And since it faces north you can't see the entrance on the overviewer. I will have to adjust its position.
One of the things that caused me to get bored was the villager tower. I picked a bad spot for it. The land on the north side of it gets high quickly, and landscaping all of it would take forever. I don't want to abandon the project, but right now the tower isn't likely to remain in its current state. I may end up blowing up what I have right now, elevating and leveling out the land where it's located, and starting over. This would effectively raise the tower to a more even terrain. Goodness knows I have the gunpowder to make enough TNT. I had a layout for the village drawn up somewhere, but I think I discarded it. Oops. Oh well, it's not difficult to remake.