Saturday, March 29, 2014

Minecraft Earth Redux

A long time ago I found a scale model map of the Earth in Minecraft. I posted about it here. For some reason I got bored of it really quick. Might have to do with the fact I was playing in Survival mode, and that my ideas were way too big for my mind.

Not too long ago, an updated version of the Earth map was released on Planet Minecraft. This version is a beautiful update, because it implements current biomes and other things. In my first play through of the map, I was doing a sort of fantasy history where humanity first started in the Turkey-Israel area, as opposed to Ethiopia. I had begun making things around the Nile River when I gave up. The game, and the mods I was using at the time, just weren't up to par.

Well, I have begun the map again. It's just one thing among many I'm doing in my free time. Due to personal decisions I have opted to play only in Creative mode this time. My design skills have come a long way since my first attempt, so the things I make now should be better.

The first human settlement on this version of the map is a four-house village called Tubal, after the Biblical figure. The real-life city in the approximate location is a Turkish town called Sarımazı. The rest of this post will be images of the settlement. The designs seem simplistic, but they're meant to be. It's the first settlement in humanity, of course it's going to be relatively bland looking. The next build is going to have cobblestone technology, woo hoo!