Monday, May 30, 2011

Rave Room, Sub, and Portal Idea

My latest project is making a rave room. The design is like this: at the bottom there's a specific setup of redstone wire and torches which causes them to blink and burn out erratically. There's a different design for redstone and torches along the walls which, again, makes them blink and burn out randomly. The setup is used from this video. I want to make it so that the torches and wiring below the glass floor aren't perfect rows but are somewhat erratically turned so that there are random rows and columns. The whole place is made with black wool and a glass staircase leads up to it. It's going to be something like 18x18, which is plenty of space for me to jump around like a maniac whenever I want to. In addition I would also like to have a sort of DJ station perhaps with only a redstone torch for lighting where I could turn on or off various note sequences...

Which leads me to the world of note block music loops. The main problem I have is that I cannot get them to repeatedly loop over the same notes simply by turning the circuit on with a switch. Instead I have to power it with a redstone torch, break the torch, then before the power has gone through the redstone repeaters place a piece of redstone where the torch was so that the circuit remains powered. Only then will it make a loop. I would like to know if it's even possible for it to loop repeatedly just with the flick of a switch.

I've spent some time working on a rendition of a submarine I was able to tour the inside of when I was younger. The sub was the USS Croaker, stationed in western New York. Near where my dock is on my Earth map I tried to recreate it. The submarine is 144 meters long, 6 meters wide and 6 meters tall. It looks like a really long stick. I called it the El Shaddai. Now that the prototype is sufficiently completed I'm starting on the second version of the prototype, the ESX-01A, El Shaddai. It will be 13 blocks wide, quite a bit shorter, and probably taller as there was a lot of other stuff I didn't build the first time as I didn't even know the stuff was part of the submarine I toured until I saw a cutaway plan of it on the Internet.

Courtesy of the Yogscast, I've seen Let's Plays of Portal 2 and the Portal 2 mod for Minecraft. In addition I've watched a Let's Play by someone else of the original Portal game. So I've been thinking... what if I were to make a course that is sort of a mix between Portal and an obstacle course? Since I don't have the Portal mod and don't intend on downloading it any time soon, I can't quite integrate it into this idea.

Instead I will use various blocks and their abilities. I expect that gravel or sand will be used to make pillars and build staircases, while dirt blocks will be used like cubes and also for making stairs that aren't supported by other blocks. Perhaps it will also have aspects of obstacle courses like difficult jumps and using ladders. The MC Portal used water for elevators between chambers so I  may go ahead and use that as well.