Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fighter Carrier Fleet List (Rough Idea)

Update: I have a new post that shows you more pics as well as how to build this ship. Check it out here!

While checking out Minecraft airships I encountered a really fascinating image. Someone made a floating aircraft carrier!:

This, of course, makes me want to construct my own fleet of fighter carriers. Will this happen? Maybe. Here is a list of possible ships I spent today thinking up. They are named for the Yogscast's Minecraft series. I tried to make it sound realistic and serious, but with how the Yogscast works that's not totally possible.

Shadow of Israphel class:
USS Shadow of Israphel (CVX-01)
USS Xephos (CV-02)
USS Honeydew (CV-03)
USS Knight Peculier (CV-04)
USS Reverend John (CV-05)
USS Duke (CV-06)
USS Granny Bacon (CV-07)
USS Mistral City (CV-08)
USS Fumblemore (Fumblemore sublclass, extra TNT cannons and Creeper-class fighters, CVA-09)
USS Astley (Fumblemore subclass, CVA-10)
USS Lysander (Lysander subclass, stronger balloons allowing for further range, CVB-11)
USS Jasper (Lysander subclass, CVB-12)

Verigan class:
USS Verigan (CVX-13)
USS Karpath (CV-14)
USS Adaephon (CV-15)
USS Grizwold (CV-16)
USS Nubescu (CV-17)
USS Braeburn (CV-18)
USS Isabel Peculier (CV-19)
USS Fireblast (CV-20)
USS Angus Eyeless (CV-21)
USS Grimjaw Slugface (CV-22)
USS Spacker LeChuck (CV-23)
USS Tinman (CV-24)

All 24 ships carry complements of Creeper class bombers and Skeleton class fighters. Creepers are heavier and thus less populous than Skeletons. I wanted to as a joke include a USS Honeydew II as a Verigan class carrier, saying that (perhaps as no surprise) recklessness led to the original's destruction.