Friday, June 3, 2011

Fleet of Airships Concept, and, Missing the Old Minecraft Feel

While viewing this thread, I was struck with inspiration. The person was wanting advice on how to improve the design of an airship. I made a reply saying that the person should build not just one ship, but a whole fleet of them. This idea got my creative cogs turning.

I am curious about naval craft, mostly due to my status as a Star Trek fan. There are various types of naval warships: destroyers, which are fast, maneuverable and well-armed; cruisers, which are a step up and noted for the ability to go further without needing to be refueled; submarines which can be used to evade detection; and my favorites, the aircraft carriers. So when I design fleets of sea ships, starships, or airships, I am quick to build various categories - that is, destroyers, cruisers, fighter carriers, stealth craft, etc. I could, theoretically, design one or more classes for each type of ship and build airborne fleets over the skies of the land headed toward combat or just patrolling. Maybe each nation has some sort of fleet in the sky. For real life nations I was thinking of building fleets analogous to what they really have. For instance, America with its 11 aircraft carriers, there would be 11 fighter carriers over the coastline or at sea. (And of course, the flagship would be called the Enterprise.) There are various other destroyers and cruisers so those would be made as well.

I hope someone out there is keeping track of all the ideas I've posted on here, because so far there are a great plethora and I'm barely done with my first one, which is to complete my home base. I've also thought of making a sort of Heaven, possibly stationed over Jerusalem, Israel. However, the Tower of Babel isn't too far... perhaps the building would accomplish what it was built for: to reach Heaven!

To be honest, I've noticed that I don't have the same feel I did when I was playing legitly. I've looked at the way the Earth map is shaped. It's relatively... flat. Especially in the areas where I am working. There are mountains however they don't so much gradually appear as much as jut from out of nowhere. The sand and grass intermittently mesh together. I sort of miss the often surreal but beautiful terrain the vanilla Minecraft code would generate, where you would have deserts right next to rainforests, mountains standing besides oceans. In the Earth map, there's nothing like pockets of coal ore or diamond. Heck, there aren't even caves on this map. The exploration of the caves, the mining of resources, stuff that seems so drab... I kinda miss it and wish that were present on the Earth map. As it stands resources are randomly placed at all levels meaning you can find diamond five units down. There's no clay or lava above ground nor is there gravel. Even the trees are odd... and all identical. I hack in unlimited supplies of each block or item I need and have /instantmine from singleplayer commands enabled so everything breaks with one hit. It's all so... artificial, different from what Minecraft was really meant to be.

So I think these things and consider moving to my MinecraftWorldDemo file, or at least playing in both. There are semi-developed nations in those so the floating fleets could be stationed at the nations. Although I like the feel of playing in a newly generated map instead of resurrecting one that's been sitting there, already explored and developed.