Sunday, March 18, 2012


About a week ago I attempted to update to 1.2.3. That's right, as per my habit I skipped 1.1, which was a relatively major update. Things went wrong for some reason. The Minecraft JAR file worked fine in vanilla form, but even if I installed ModLoader it completely failed. Even after I reverted to 1.0, it still would not work. I had to end up clearing my .minecraft folder of all mod-created content and completely reinstall 1.0 and the mods I had in it. It worked fine.

During that time I had a hypothesis: this was due to incompatibility between the files and folders for 1.2.3 mods and the 1.0 material you would think they'd overwrite. Today I decided to test that. All the files and folders that appeared in my .minecraft folder that were put there by mods, I renamed to include the phrase "100" at the end. That way the 1.2.3 mods wouldn't try to use them, and should it fail anyway it would be easier to revert to 1.0.0.

The mods installed almost completely perfectly. But when I added Millenaire, the vary last one, the game would black screen every time I loaded a world. I started over but added Millenaire almost immediately after ModLoader. It went perfectly! I now have a functioning 1.2.3 Minecraft. I have adjusted the World Info spot on the right side of the page.

After flying around and experimenting with Iron Golems and a couple mods, I went into my Main world, which was upgraded to the Anvil format for 1.2.3. Look what I found in my tree farm!

 My reaction was akin to this:
I've had a bit of a lull in my Minecraft activity otherwise. I have an idea for what I want to do with one of the ravine rooms. Make it beach themed! Or perhaps I could to that with the lake room itself. Taking a breather and doing other things is helping me refresh and with the new content 1.2.3 brings (especially those long awaited lamps) the possibilities get bigger. No really, the height limit has been doubled.