Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun with Flat World

Last night I went to check out what a flat map would look like. I loaded one up and flew around. Almost immediately I saw a village, which I went to. It's kind of impressive.

As you probably know, Slimes spawn everywhere on these flat maps. They're built so that you're just a few blocks above bedrock, making for tons of building room. The Slimes were invading the village! One large Slime insisted on pressing against the pole of a blacksmith, and one of the villagers seemed oddly fascinated by it.

A little Slime made its way into one of the houses lacking a door. It evidently wanted to find some place it could peacefully look out at the world.

Oh give me a home, where gelatinous cubes roam, and miniature Testificates play...

The village itself is impressive. Two watch towers, two libraries, and several houses.

In case you are curious.

Man I love the Pirate English!